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There is no right or wrong way of steering as long as you can show control of your vehicle.

The steering wheel is used to control the direction of the way you want the vehicle to go. You must keep your hands on the wheel at all times except when changing gear. 
As you steer look well ahead and not just at the front of your vehicle. Look in the direction where you want the vehicle to go as your hands follow your eyes. (look at the space you want to occupy). 
Practise your steering at a low speed at first and about a metre (3 feet) or doors width away from the kerb. Keep your movements steady and smooth, try not to move the steering wheel too much as you may steer into the path of oncoming vehicles.

Positioning of the hands on the wheel. 
You should position your hands at a ten to two or quarter to three position, with your thumbs on the top of the steering wheel and a light grip with your fingers so that you can pass the steering wheel through your hands, you should also have a slight bend in your arms so that you are nice and relaxed and not tense, this will help with the movement of the steering wheel a lot easier. 
Technique. The method we use for steering is the Pull/Push technique. This technique is a safer method rather than crossing over the hands especially when there is an airbag fitted into the steering wheel. For instance imagine steering as your hands are crossed and the airbag goes off your hands will be pushed into your face which could cause facial injuries whereas if your hands are in the pull/push method the airbag will cushion your face. 
You can cross your hands, however it is best to do this when your car is moving slow i.e. when doing a manoeuvre. You might have to cross your hands when you are in a difficult situation and the pull/push technique just isn’t possible to work. i.e. When turning into a very tight road or space.

Steering with one hand. 
When you can steer in a straight line try steering with only one hand. The reason for doing this isn’t so that you can drive like this, it’s because there are times you will only have one hand free for steering for example changing gear. Stiffen your arm slightly to help you steer a straight course without pulling the steering wheel down and swerving. Practise this with each hand.

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