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Have you always considered yourself to be that great driver? How do you prove it? With our advanced driving courses now you can.

With our IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) or RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoADAR) trained driving instructors we can put you on the correct road to being that advanced driver and having the certificate to prove it.

Our Instructors are either IAM qualified or RoSPA gold advanced drivers. They know what they are talking about and can show you how to prepare for that all important advanced driving test, and being that safer driver.

There’s every chance you’ll get cheaper driving insurance too, which with today’s insurance prices that’s a bonus in itself.



Institute of Advanced Motorists Test

The Institute of Advanced Motorists is the oldest of the advanced driving organisations. They realised that the majority of vehicle collisions are caused by driver error and the IAM’s Advanced Driving Test was introduced in 1956 with the aim of improving driving standards.

Based on the police system of driving (Road craft), it encourages early planning and anticipation coupled with regular information gathering. The IAM’s test is a good benchmark for everyday drivers and is a realistic test of their driving ability.



The test lasts for about 90 minutes and will cover between 30 and 40 miles in distance and will include roads in urban and rural areas as well as motorways if possible or dual carriageways. The driver will also be asked to drive at varying speed limits.



RoSPA Test

Taking and passing the RoSPA Advanced Driving Test is universally recognized as the ultimate achievement and qualification in on-road driving available to civilian drivers.

To achieve a pass on this test you must drive for one and a half hours over a demanding route. The drive will also include a manoeuvre and a section of commentary driving. The test is usually conducted by serving or recently retired Police class one drivers. Passes are graded Gold, Silver and Bronze and a pass at any level places the successful candidate in the classification of well above average. A pass at Gold standard represents a tremendous achievement.


DSA Cardington Special Test: For Driving Instructors

If you’re a driving Instructor why not have a go at the Cardington Special test. This test is only open to driving instructors and shows you really know your driving for the DSA driving test. Have a chat to Mark who holds the Cardington Special Test ‘grade A’ certificate.

The Driving Standard Agency’s Cardington Test is conducted at the Cardington DSA training headquarters near Bedford in Bedfordshire.

To obtain the ‘grade A’ you must drive for approximately 90 minutes on all roads and commit no more than 3 driving faults. Faults must not be repeated with no serious or dangerous faults. The test also includes all of the reversing exercises and the emergency stop.

This is the ultimate driving test. Only conducted by the DSA’s elite examiners to the highest standards.

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