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Have you ever felt nervous or scared of motorways? Not driven in a while and need a confidence booster?

Mitchells driving school can help

We have a variety of courses to get you going and to give you that all important confidence.

With our refresher courses we would work on the parts of your drive that you feel you would benefit from most. It could be roundabouts for example.

We would then give you the information you may have forgotten and then help to guide you through them. We may also give you a demo drive to show you how easy they are.

Not everyone uses motorways when they first pass, especially if you only drive locally.

However motorways are very useful to get from A to B over a longer distance quickly.

You may need to start using a motorway for a change of job for example and the thought of high speed driving scares you or the larger vehicles overtaking.

Again with a rundown on how they work and the dangers to watch out for, with some practice to gain your confidence and you’ll soon be on your way.

Why not try one of our environmental driving courses?

With the price of petrol forever going up, we could show you how to save a few quid and help the environment with our environmental driving course.

With smoother gear changes and more forward planning you could save on every journey.

Give us a call today to see how we could help you on your way to a hassle free driving future.

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